• What is the purpose of the internship? We know we are living in the last days. The greatest crisis and revival have yet to unfold. But if we are not a people who know God’s Heart and understand His end-time plans, the harvest and Church will be left greatly unprepared. The purpose of the DHOP internship is to train and prepare believers in the values of prayer, intimacy with God, and the end-times so they can engage God’s Heart and become pioneering leaders in the global prayer movement. When we train in the context of day and night prayer, we encounter God and are transformed.

  • How long is the internship? The DHOP Internship will last 12 weeks.

  • What will the internship schedule be like? There will be a mixture of online and in-person training. You can expect there to be 1-2 hours of weekly learning on your own pace at home through online material, a 1-hour weekly live online class, 6 hours of weekly prayer (at home and in the prayer room), and a 1-hour in person discussion. There is a proposed schedule prepared, but adjustments can be made depending on the needs of the interns. In the application, please share with us your current schedule and responsibilities so we can best know how to serve you.

Tentative Schedule: Sun-Wed online learning 1-2hrs at own pace / 1hr Thursday night Zoom class / 1hr Saturday in person discussion followed by 2hrs in the prayer room / 4hrs devotional prayer (choice of at home or DHOP)   

  • What are the courses being taught? The 3 primary themes of the internship will be intimacy with God, growing in prayer, and end-times theology. Examples of a few courses that you can expect to be part of include: depth in abiding in Christ, study of the Song of Songs, David’s Tabernacle, encountering Jesus as the Bridegroom King, and overviews of the books of Daniel & Revelation.

  • Who can apply? Anyone in the the Body of Christ that wants to go deeper in God is welcome to apply! However, we encourage new followers of Christ to participate in a discipleship course offered by their home fellowship.

  • Is there a cost? The cost is 100 AED which will help to cover learning materials and occasional food. The amount can be paid either on June 5th or in two installments – 50 AED on June 5th and 50 AED again on July 3rd.